Innovative Land Restoration Solutions through site assessment & remediation

Site Remediation (Soil & Groundwater)

Environmental Remediation; Designed To Meet Your Site Goals

Every site requires a unique approach to site cleanup and environmental remediation. AEL develops customized plans based the unique characteristics and impacts at a site. This generally includes one or several of the following approaches:

  • Contaminated soil removal and disposal
  • Biological, physical, or chemical treatment for on-site soil, water, or groundwater remediation and cleanup
  • Development of site specific environmental risk based standards incorporating local site conditions and control measures when cleanup is not feasible

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By focusing on providing solutions to site-specific contaminated site remediation and environmental site cleanup issues, AEL designs investigation plans and remedial strategies that meet the client’s goals for their site. Through on-site testing, AEL staff gather data throughout the project to direct both investigation and remediation, giving a clear understanding of site conditions and key information for confident decision-making.

Through careful investigation and remediation of environmental impacts, environmental liability will be managed and your site will be ready for construction, sale, or other goals you would like to reach.

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