Innovative Land Restoration Solutions through site assessment & remediation

New Technology at AEL

Tri-Level Wells

AEL has begun using tri-level monitoring wells on sites requiring groundwater investigation at more than one depth, using a single well. This is an efficient, cost-effective method of gathering additional information without installing more wells.


  • Better understanding of the 3D groundwater flow
  • Minimizes risk of additional contaminant pathways
  • Vertical hydraulic head data for model calibration
  • Reduced long-term monitoring costs

Benchtop XRF

AEL has a new benchtop XRF unit, which will make on-site testing more efficient and more accurate, and significantly reducing sampling time. Also, more priority metals, like cadmium, can be detected at lower levels using this unit, compared to AEL’s former XRF nuclear sourced unit. You can read more about it here.