Innovative Land Restoration Solutions through site assessment & remediation

Innovative Approaches to Regulatory Compliance through Landfill Monitoring


  • Ongoing assessment
  • Annual monitoring
  • On-site testing
  • Closure studies
  • Surveying
  • Groundwater and surface monitoring
  • Hydraulic and hydrogeological studies and assessments
  • Reviewing and developing design and operations plans

AEL has been supplying waste management services for small-to-medium sized municipalities and industrial clients for over 15 years. As part of the annual monitoring programs at municipal waste disposal sites and the other impacted sites we are responsible for monitoring, we regularly review the compliance of the sites with regulatory requirements (i.e. MOE, PC of A, etc.). This includes reviewing and/or developing design and operations plans, closure reports, monitoring programs, compliance reporting, landfill gas surveys, and trigger value planning and reporting. Our services include interacting with the MOE to complete and modify regulatory documents.

Our goal is to provide our customers with quality site management, design services and compliance reporting. In setting high standards for our work, including the re-evaluation of methods and approaches used in our profession, we bring innovation to our field, enabling us to serve our clients more efficiently.