Innovative Land Restoration Solutions through site assessment & remediation


AEL has the privilege of working with companies and individuals in a variety of industries. By working with many different clients throughout the history of the company, staff have diverse opportunities to gain experience and develop expertise.

AEL serves the environmental law industry

Environmental Lawyers

AEL can expertly address site characterization issues, lead efforts to clean up the property, and ensure regulatory compliance.

Surveying a development site

Land Developers

AEL addresses challenges faced in property development, including obtaining an RSC.

Aerial Survey of municipal site


For a municipality pursuing new development or managing a closed or open landfill, mapping service using airborne survey equipment are a strong tool.

Staff on municipal hydro site

Hydro Utilities

AEL’s experience at high hazard electrical sites has given AEL staff confidence and expertise in work safety.

Industrial property - real estate

Real Estate

AEL offers services to commercial, industrial, and residential site owners who require environmental due diligence as part of a transaction or in support of bank financing requests.

Soil vapour study on brownfield site


Brownfields are industrial properties which are presently abandoned, contaminated, or underutilized and require environmental remediation.