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Do Your Distribution Sites Have Contamination Issues?

Electrical distributions, as owners and operators of kilometers of line, transformers, distribution sites, face unknown amounts of environmental liability. With this substantial investment in real property and equipment, every distribution company owes it to themselves to be informed about the status of their potential environmental risks.

AEL’s experience at high hazard electrical sites has given AEL staff confidence and expertise in work safety. AEL staff receive extensive training and are outfitted with all necessary PPE in order to complete jobs on high risk sites in a safe and healthy manner.

AEL has completed hundreds of investigations and remediations at electrical distribution sites across Ontario. Click here for a case study.

Common Environmental Issues at Electrical Distribution Sites

Due to the industrial nature of electrical distributions sites, there is a high likelihood that one or more of the following contaminants is present at a company’s distribution sites:

Arsenic - Very common contaminant due to its almost ubiquitous use as a herbicide (in the form of arsenic trioxide) at distribution sites across Ontario

Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs) - Manufactured as an insulating fluid in electrical transformers prior to its ban in 1977. Often included in “transformer oil”, it may still be present in old transformers manufactured before 1977.

Petroleum Hydrocarbons (PHCs) - Transformer oils generally show up as petroleum hydrocarbons during an environmental investigation. Although different in composition from automotive oils and fuels, they fall under similar restrictions in the environmental regulations.

Solutions for Hydro Utilities

AEL recommends managing environmental liability by completing necessary regulatory due diligence, such as an O.Reg. 153/04-compliant Phase I and Phase II ESA. Contact us to discuss how this will benefit your site.