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Mapping and GIS Services: Imaging Provides Insight Into Site Conditions

The application of GIS (Geographic Information Systems) is an exceptional set of tools for helping landowners to better understand their sites. 

AEL utilizes GIS to perform digital cartography – or computerized map-making. These maps allow site data to be clearly analyzed and are useful across many industries and site uses.

In addition, we can provide aerial mapping services, giving highly detailed, accurate site maps, made of a composite of hundreds of high-resolution photographs, in just a few hours.

GIS aerial view of quarry

GIS for Quarries

GIS facilitates regulatory reporting required by quarries.

Aerial view of land development site

GIS for Land Developers

A clear understanding of site topography allows a developer to minimize the amount of soil that must be brought on or off the site.

Aerial view of landfill site

GIS for Landfill Owners

Aerial imaging allows accurate fill volume calculations for landfills.

Aerial view of environmental site

GIS on Environmental Sites

Data visualization using GIS and UAV mapping provides a high degree of certainty in understanding site conditions.

Topographical aerial map

GIS for Golf Courses

High quality imaging and mapping can be a great asset to golf course designers and operators.

GIS benefits renewable energy applications

GIS and Renewable Engery

AEL's application of GIS on solar ground-mound sites a straightforward process with a high degree of accuracy. 

Aerial GIS Services

How GIS Works

Find out more about this important technology.

Launching a UAV Drone

How Do UAVs Work?

Learn how AEL uses unmanned aerial vehicles to capture images from above.