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Excess Fill Management Guidelines

Ontario’s environmental sector is constantly changing and growing, which brings new challenges and opportunities to stakeholders. In April 2012, the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change (MOECC) released a draft version of a manual for Best Practices for Soil Management, information which will affect day-to-day environmental decision making for many individuals and companies in the environmental industry.

To effectively manage excess soils, the MOECC recommends that these best management practices be adopted by owners with lands generating or receiving excess soils, as applicable. Key aspects of the BMP include:

  • All sites that generate excess soil requiring off-site management retain a Qualified Person (QP, as described in O.Reg. 153/04) to develop a soil management plan,which includes: all areas to be excavated, estimated volumes and soil quality, along with detailed instructions to on-site
  • contractors identifying the area and depth of soil to be excavated for off-site management, testing of soils based on the assessment of the QP, and documentation signed by QP with soil analysis results, confirming the soil quality is acceptable for the receiving site based upon a fill management plan for the receiving site.
  • Confirmation of Fill Management Plan from the receiving site before transporting soils.
  • Recommended public consultation for a site being considered for receipt of excess soil to ensure that the local community and land owners are aware of the proposal and have an opportunity to comment on the proposal.
  • An assessment to establish the pre-fill site conditions (of soil and ground water) for receiving site.
  • A fill management plan prepared by a QP (O.Reg.153/04).

For a full copy of the Best Practices document, simply email our office using the contact form.

The MOECC also recommends that the owner of the site where their soil is being excavated be aware of the soil management considerations and ultimate destination of the excavated soil in order to meet their regulatory responsibilities under applicable provincial legislation. AEL environment is able to provide Qualified Persons (under O.Reg. 153/04) to give guidance to this process and meet the recommendations of the MOECC as listed above. The services of a QP will ensure compliance with applicable best management practices and an environmentally responsible management plan for any excess fill generated through construction and development projects.