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Environmental Testing Services – Groundwater & Soil Laboratory Testing

AEL is an environmental consulting firm that offers complete services related to environmental testing, sampling, risk assessment and clean up consulting in Canada. Sites may require environmental testing for many reasons. Whether your site needs environmental testing and consulting as part of an Ontario (O. Reg. 153) Phase II ESA, for the management of fill or excess soil, to establish screening-level understanding of site conditions, or for other reasons, AEL is able to develop and carry out an efficient testing program.

Through surface and sub-surface soil testing, surface water analysis, groundwater sampling, and vapour surveys, the current environmental condition of the site can be assessed and described to meet your site needs.

As each site has unique areas of concern, AEL’s experienced staff tailor the sampling program based on the site’s unique history and client needs. Sampling generally requires several AEL members to be present on the site for one or more days. A drilling subcontractor may be required to reach sub-surface samples.

AEL’s team uses strict quality assurance and quality control procedures including the labelling of samples with unique barcode identification label, and cross-referencing sample descriptions on field borehole logs and in GIS software. These procedures eliminate out of sequence or erroneous logs which can significantly affect the cost of the Phase II Site Assessment and accurate site understanding. The use of barcodes on samples is part of AEL’s industry-leading approach to site sampling.

AEL also is at the forefront of the environmental engineering industry in Ontario through its use of on-site testing technology. Using XRFUVF, and other tools, AEL is able to efficiently screen a high quantity of samples within minutes. This screening data gives the AEL team a quick and accurate picture of any contamination hotspots, and provides the site owner with a better site understanding at a low cost. Samples are selected from the screening results to submit for laboratory analysis at a certified CALA laboratory.

Analytical results are evaluated and assessed by AEL’s senior engineers and environmental scientists in the context of relevant regulations, client requirements, and goals for the site. AEL prepares a report summarizing the findings of environmental testing. AEL’s clear and understandable reports allows our clients to understand their site conditions. 

Environmental testing of soil and groundwater can help to identify contamination on site and delineate contaminated areas. AEL’s environmental testing methods ensure work is done efficiently and without unnecessary cost so that you can make progress on goals for your site.