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Environmental Compliance Consulting and Environmental Audit Services

The key to understanding issues of environmental compliance begins with understanding applicable environmental regulation.

For site owners in Ontario, the applicable environmental regulation is Ontario Regulation 153/04 (amended 269/11) which prescribes the appropriate ways to manage environmental compliance and due diligence.

While every case is different and depends on a variety of factors, a primary area of compliance is ensuring that contamination is not moving off your site onto a neighbouring site, and is not present in the groundwater. These are areas of high liability for site owners, as they can pose a risk to neighbouring sites or occupants.

Other areas of compliance include required reporting or testing, site assessment or clean-up, changes to activities carried out on site, and more.

AEL is able to provide guidance in all areas of environmental compliance for individuals and companies who own sites in Ontario and beyond. This may include:

  • Identifying the compliance requirements that apply to you
  • Assessing your risk level
  • Helping you to manage requirements, deadlines, and ongoing monitoring, or assisting you in response to audits
  • Bringing all information into manageable, understandable data visualization tools to ensure you have a clear picture of your site’s condition

AEL’s experience in the environmental consulting industry gives you more than 30 years of regulatory expertise. Our team of professional engineers and scientists have a clear understanding of Ontario’s regulatory landscape and know how it will apply to your site. The team can assist you in corresponding and negotiating with the Ministry of Environment (MOE) as necessary.

It is in every site owner’s best interest to be compliant with environmental regulations. Doing so will save you time, prevent legal issues, and increase efficiency through reduced downtime.