Case Study: In-Situ Groundwater Remediation

In early 2013, AEL was retained by a client in central Ontario to complete a Land Contamination Assessment, including Phase I and II environmental site assessment and subsequently a Remedial Action Plan for a former industrial site. Following a Phase I…

What Is Environmental Risk Assessment?

Despite their best efforts to ensure that their properties are clean and free from environmental impacts, land owners occasionally find (through a Phase II ESA) that their property has some kind of contamination in the soil or groundwater. Their property is no longer compliant with O. Reg. 153 and they have environmental liability that needs to be managed….

Understanding a CSM – The Basics in Ontario

When managing a site in Ontario, it is essential to understand Ontario Regulation 153/04 and the environmental due diligence it requires.

A Conceptual Site Model (CSM) is one of the requirements that shapes the Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) process (both Phase I and II) and is required for a Record of Site Condition (RSC). …