How to Find an Environmental Engineering Firm in Ontario

Do you need an Environmental Engineering Firm in Ontario?

For people in Ontario who own property, an environmental engineer or environmental consultant can be a great resource. They’re the best source of information and assistance when managing challenging environmental issues that arise on your site.

If you are changing the use of your site to a more sensitive land use (going from commercial to residential, for example) or completing a property transaction, you may need an environmental site assessment (ESA) or record of site condition (RSC). This is a document issued by the Ministry of the Environment that certifies that your site meets certain environmental criteria. It can protect you from environmental liability.

An RSC (and many other environmental reports) requires the input of an environmental engineer– more specifically, a Qualified Person (QP) under O. Reg. 153/04.

It can be challenging to find an environmental engineering firm (which provides consulting services) that will be a good fit for your project’s unique requirements. To choose an Ontario environmental consultant:

  1. Begin by identifying your needs – what do you require at the end of the process?
  2. Next, identify the type of firm that you would like to work with. Generally, small firms can offer more customized solutions to the challenges you face on your site, and may be more responsive than a larger firm.
  3. Finally, ask for recommendations. Your realtor, environmental lawyer, or bank may have suggestions of firms that have provided quality services in the past.

AEL environment (a division of Aeon Egmond Ltd.) is a medium-size environmental engineering firm with three in-house QPs and a team of field technicians, scientists, mapping specialists, and remediation experts. AEL is structured in a way that provides our clients with the technical experience of a large firm with the responsiveness of a small firm. Over 90% of AEL business comes from repeat clients and referrals, which is a testimony to our focus on clients’ individual needs and unique site goals.

AEL is based in Mississauga, Ontario, and provides environmental consulting throughout Ontario and in Canada’s North.

For information or questions on finding an Environmental Engineering Firm in Ontario, feel free to call us at (800) 267-4797 or contact us here.